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Life Coaching

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Inspire ACT in based in the Canberra area and is open to either one on one consultation or phone appointments. Life coach, Fiona McIlroy can help you :

  • Get in touch with your values, gifts and goals.
  • Make more time for your own life priorities.
  • Balance the demands of personal life and career.
  • Get unstuck from a draining or worrying problem.
  • Develop a new idea or project that seems out of reach.
  • Get on track and stay on track.
  • Develop emotional and spiritual qualities.
  • Build better relationships.
  • As an Accredited mediator Fiona can help to manage or resolve conflict.


What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a growing profession that works with your life experience to help you understand your options and exercise real choice. Coaching assists you to create balance and harmony in the different areas of your life. Many of us are out of alignment, hampered by discrepancies between the inner and outer worlds. We may feel that life is passing by without allowing us to really develop as we know we can. Life coaching differs from counselling in its focus on empowerment now, rather than on completion of past issues.

We have so much potential - why don't we honour it?

Our conditioning often cuts us off from the source of energy, access to our true inclinations and intuitions. I work on the growth model of personal development. I know that in each of us lies the seed of great potential for happiness and success. Given the right time, space and nurturing conditions, this amazing potential will unfold. I work collaboratively with you to increase your awareness, confidence and motivation in tackling the blocks preventing your full development.

What results can life coaching offer you?

Choosing to engage a life coach gives you a great advantage in a world of organisational change, competitive environment and increased pressures on family life. Whether you are in career transition, or trying to juggle demands of work and personal life, coaching is a sound investment in your future. The results last.

What does Inspire ACT offer you?

Inspire ACT offers workshops and courses as well as individual life coaching sessions. The fee schedule for individual coaching is on a sliding scale, ranging from $70.00 - $80.00 an hour ($50 for 1/2 an hour). It is recommended that coaching continues for at least a month in order to gain best results. In general, coaches contract a client for three months. Inspire ACT does not require a contract.

How and where?

I prefer to meet face-to-face where it is safe to do so, and use a combination of telephone, email and face-to-face for follow-up sessions. Appointments can be made by phone 0427 088 149 or through the contact page form.

I have access to an abundant supply of helpful resources in personal and career development. These are available on loan for specified periods. My personal strengths are empathy, insight, generosity and encouragement, and an ability to provide fresh perspectives.

I have committed myself to living a life I love. Referral to resources or coaches with expertise in financial or business growth is part of my service.

I wish you the best in life,
Fiona McIlroy

Life Coaching Psychology

Get in touch and connect with your values, gifts and goals. Life coaching helps you to help yourself through your journey in life, be it in relationships or career choices. We also recommend further therapy from a highly qualified Psychologist Canberra for people who really need professional mental health assistance and more intensive support to lift them up.

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