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Canberra Life Coach Fiona McIlroy at Inspire ACT will assist you to look at your life & career and set goals around how you want your life to be.

Life coaching is a collaborative relationship between an life coach Canberra and a client designed to really tap into the client's full potential. A life coach does not focus on emotions and processing them, but on creating plans of action and creating attainable goals. A coach is an objective, nonjudgmental, professional, who provides encouragement, support, advice, and strategy to be the best version of yourself.

Working with a life coach in Canberra can have a transformative effect on your life. No matter what your age or life stage, whether you are a teenager or an adult, in the corporate world or a retired person, life coaching can help you discover ways to be more inspired, motivated, and focused.

Sometimes people feel stuck when they have big decisions to make, such as whether to get married, leave a relationship, switch careers, make a location change or follow a dream. They struggle to find an answer, moving between "too risky" or "div right in." They wonder what they'll do if they go for it and it doesn’t work out. Or, they ponder if they don’t do it and then regret their decision. The questions and doubts swirl around, causing confusion.

A Life Coach based in Canberra will work with you to get underneath the thoughts and feelings of what ifs, helping to discover what is important, as well as clarifying and sorting it all out.

A Life Coach Canberra will work with their clients to find success in their jobs and lifestyles. Life Coaches have worked with people to provide guidance in getting ahead in their careers, make major life decisions, such as a move or promotion, and find an acceptable work-life balance.

Canberra Career Coach

As a Career Coach in Canberra I work with people who are dissatisfied with their job or career and know they're not living up to their full potential, and are ready to figure out what Career it is they actually want to pursue.

I help folks to get clear and stop procrastinating, and make decisions that will facilitate a better more rewarding Career path through my guidance and support so your can have an amazing life and feel fulfilled, energized, and satisfied at the end of the day.

Whether you are an individual seeking a new job or career in Canberra, or an employer looking for outplacement, leadership development or workshop services, I can help.

Career coaching Canberra helps individuals who want to find a fulfilling career that utilizes their strengths and complements their values and interests. Recent graduates, adults considering a career change, or those re-entering the workforce can benefit from working with a career coach Canberra.

There is no one size fits all test to determine your or your career future. That’s why we have developed many different Career coaching services in Canberra, each one is tailored to a particular career situation. We create a plan that guides you step-by-step, toward achieving career growth and success.

Let your true
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Life Coaching Canberra

Based in Canberra, ACT, Life Coach, Fiona McIlroy from Inspire ACT will assist you to look at your life clearly and set goals around how you want your life to be. A clear sense of direction, alignment with your core values, fulfilment, confidence, energy and passion.


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Writing & Poetry

Awarded poet and published author, Fiona runs a regular Poetry group at Cherryripe Brasserie in Canberra. Fiona is also a contributing author to a best-selling book Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness. To read some of Fiona’s poetry or to enjoy poetry readings at Cherryripe, find out more below.

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what is life coaching?


What is life coaching?


Life coaching assists people in realising their full potential. Fiona from Inspire ACT has many years experience in helping people just like you, let their full colours shine. Life coaching helps clients in creating a clearer direction through aligning your core values and determining your goals. The life coaching services in the Canberra area, provide you the ability to sustain motivation, increase your confidence and energy and provide you with passion to live a fulfilling life. The Life Coach’s role is to challenge, provide insight and to guide you towards your desired life.


Fiona's simple recipe for realising your true goals:

The 3 R's

Review - Relax - Renew





Fiona McIlroy is a contributing author to a best-selling book titled: Path to Wellness, Heart to Heart series and has written several poetry books. Her latest poetry collection is Firefly Zodiac and has a focus on the big picture, our planet earth, our galaxy and constellations beyond.

Firefly Zodiac Poems



What is the difference between a Life Coach & A Therapist?

A Life coach in Canberra is generally a professional who can help you to achieve a personal or professional goal through a combination of empowerment, motivation, and other strategies.

A therapist for the most part will focus on your mental health, at Inspire ACT we provide only Life Coaching, however if you are in need of mental health support we can highly recommend a local Psychologist Canberra JMA Psychology for their effective support in dealing with emotional and relationship issues.

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